Win-A-Cruise Scam with My Travel Services

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I received a call, from this company.I was told that I "won" a cruise, and seeing I was getting married a month later, it seemed perfect.

I was told that I would need to pay $99 per person, in advance... and then I could apply for 2 potential sail dates (60 days from application, for first option, and 60 days from first optional sail date). I didn't have to work hard, to make that sound confusing... I promise.

I was also told that it would cost $100 per person (port fees), to book the rest of the trip. One year later, I apply for the two optional sail dates, and got the one I least wanted. I will now be celebrating my wedding anniversary, two months late. They got to the part about the remaining balance, and said $581!!!

That brings me to a whopping $781, for a 3/4day cruise! Had I known, I could have just gone on my cruise, when I wanted to... at full price. I did not have that option...

when I priced the cruise for 2 people, it was about the same (without the taxes and fees), so I ended up following through.

I am not happy, because no one is able to tell me what the "win" was originally supposed to be.I feel majorly violated!


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I sent my reservations in and the envelope came back as refused but I could tell it had been opened.I'm calling my credit card company and the better business bureau.

I'll file a complaint with the attorney general.

Sarasota, Florida, United States #920119

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